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A Serbian Film Uncut ((EXCLUSIVE)) Download

A Serbian Film Uncut ((EXCLUSIVE)) Download


A Serbian Film Uncut Download

james morris the film isnt really about anything in particular, but the director clearly wants you to see the serbian military as the most modern, professional group of men in the world, as their soldiers are trained to kill, they are clearly the most professional of the yugoslavian militarys, who have destroyed the ethnic groups by their methods. the film is almost a film about the horrors of war and the invasion of privacy the militarys are waging upon the people of the former yugoslavia. the film was shot in the last days of the conflict in the former yugoslavia, in a ruined area of serbia. the militarys have taken over the area as a training ground, and the film crew is able to enter this area of conflict and film the evidence of the force, both physical and psychological, that is being used on the population. the film shows how the militarys have totally destroyed the inhabitants of the area, but in the scenes in which they talk about their quest for understanding, it shows that the militarys are trying to understand the people they have destroyed. the film makers are against the media, as they are against anything that takes away from the people, they are against the militarys, as they are against the people, they are against the war, as they are against the destruction, they are against everything.

alex wynter theres no doubt that the film attempts to tell a number of different things. it wants to show the horrors of war. it wants to show the dehumanising effect of conflict. it wants to show the psychological trauma that the conflict has left behind. it wants to show that the effects of war and conflict are not just physical. it wants to criticise how the media has covered the conflicts and not taken any responsibility for the events that the media has covered. these things are all good and valid things to look at and discuss. i feel that the film has a lot of problems with its execution. the dialogue is muddled and weak. the acting is badly done. there are too many people and not enough focus. the story is too confused and loses itself in minute details. there are no big scenes or sequences that are worth watching. the score is terrible. the film has no real climax or direction, it just goes from beginning to end and back again. theres a lot that i like about the film, but it just doesnt work. it lacks tension. i feel that the film has more ideas than it can handle. what the film has is a lot of interesting ideas, but a terrible script. i wish that the film had more of a story and less of a soap opera. i wish that i could have seen more of the action and less of the characters. i wish that the film was more focused. i wish that the characters were given more depth.

mitch robertson quite different indeed, and i’m not sure its a film worth seeing. suffering the fate of bad movies that get decent reviews, i’m not sure this is going to do much more than gather a small cult following of people who want to see a film with an intriguing concept who may be disappointed by the lack of polish.
i agree with you that a lot of this film is pretty good. it’s definitely a better film than the other one, which was pretty bad. there’s some really good performance, some really interesting stuff and some really disturbing stuff.
matthew odonoghue i think the problem is that the bbfc isnt a film-making body. its a film-vetting body and its remit is to advise the industry on any problems with the film before it reaches cinemas. it doesnt write the rules, it doesnt have the power to ban films and theres no indication that it ever has. even if it had the power to prevent the film being shown, there wouldnt be anything stopping me downloading the uncut version. its almost as though the bbfc is a fifth estate to some extent, not an actual institution.
michael brooke which leads to another problem: if its purpose is to provide advice then surely the onus should be on the film-makers to show that theyve considered the guidance provided and are confident that their title doesnt pose any obvious legal problems. which is why i dont think the bbfc has a particularly useful role in this area.
matthew odonoghue the bbfc is not the law and in this instance they have stated that they have no desire to be gatekeepers in the way that they used to be. i think that there is something about the film-makers attitude towards censorship that is deeply irritating. they can see what theyre doing is wrong and they want the public to see it too. if they were worried about the legal implications, then they could have submitted the film to the bbfc for vetting and told us that they were happy to allow us to have access to an uncut version. theyre not worried about the law and im not worried about the law, it doesnt matter to me if theyre allowed to show the film or not. i just want to watch it.


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