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The first major revision was released in December 1987.

In 2012, AutoCAD Torrent Download 2011 was certified as being suitable for use in university courses at the Master of Computer Applications (MCA) level in India by the National Board of Accreditation (NBA).


Development and early history

AutoCAD was originally developed and marketed by Autodesk, a computer graphics software and services company. The AutoCAD name is derived from “Auto Caderno”, a specialized type of mechanical drafting device.

AutoCAD’s origins lay in a second-generation computer graphics package developed by John Warnock’s company, Tandem Computers, for use with the Altair 8800 personal computer. The Tandem Graphics Workbench was designed to run in the standard Altair Display software environment. But the workbench performed so poorly that the Altair software team decided that only a separate CAD application could justify running on the computer. The package was finally released in 1982.

In 1982, CSC America released 2200R, a hardcopy-only package of three computer-aided design and drafting applications including Autodesk’s own, originally named “AutoCAD”, along with two other titles, Computer Drafting and Drawing and Vectorworks.

The new package was primarily targeted at businesses, and was first marketed for Macs and Sun 4 workstations, with an intended release on Intel-compatible machines in the fall of 1984. However, the competition from VDT-based CAD packages forced the new AutoCAD to be released, at great cost, on the Apple II and Microsoft platforms in the same year.

The original 1982 AutoCAD was only available as a hard copy product, and limited to a maximum of 128 MB of memory and one megabyte of disk storage.

AutoCAD Development

The first publicly released version of AutoCAD (originally named AutoCAD 1982) was released on December 16, 1982. This was an immediate hit with the computer industry. It is widely believed that within the first year of AutoCAD’s release, the company had generated over $35 million in revenue.

The first revision, 1987 version 1.1, was released on December 15, 1987. The AutoCAD 1987 release was important, as it brought almost every aspect of the program into the realm of the personal computer. The 1987 release also brought the product to a new market, in its ability to produce two-dimensional and three-dimensional

AutoCAD 23.1

Other programs
AutoCAD is not the only CAD program. Other similar systems are AutoCAD LT, Autodesk Architectural Desktop (AD), VectorWorks, MicroStation, INCA, FreeCAD and DesignSpark PCB. VectorWorks is also a suite of software products including a CAD, CAE, CAM and PLM solution. DesignSpark PCB is a free PCB CAD tool with some functionality of an AutoCAD engineer. AutoCAD is the most recognized and largest used CAD software.

AutoCAD received very positive reviews.


Naming conventions in the CAD world are generally standard. CAD refers to three types of diagrams:
AutoCAD (Automatic Computer Aided Design)
AutoCAD LT (Automatic Computer Aided Design – Low-Cost Edition)
AutoCAD Architecture (Automatic Computer Aided Design – Architecture Edition)

The two first AutoCAD programs were first released in 1989. The third one was first released in 2003. They are sold at different prices, with the lower cost models including only some of the drawing features of the higher priced models. CAD is often confused with CAE (Computer Aided Engineering), which is used for non-AutoCAD tasks like building design and the design of machines.

A designer may opt to use the name for any three-dimensional drawing, including non-AutoCAD CAD programs.


Further reading
Orr, William E. (1996) The Practice of Autodesk 3D CAD Software: A User Guide. Groom Lake Press.

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What’s New In?

Paper templates are available for paper imports and exports.

Markup Assist: Freely edit and add annotation.

The Markup Assistant improves the workflow and helps users get things done faster. The Markup Assistant is available in the Drafting tab. (video: 2:19 min.)


Link tools and navigate your drawings with Navigate Drawings by Drawings.

You can add various navigation methods, such as Link Tool and Navigate Drawings by Drawings, as well as many other navigation extensions to your drawings. (video: 3:54 min.)

A new Live Guide extension is available for tools, allowing you to drag a guide directly onto the tool’s guide line, like a guideline.

Color Picker: The Color Picker extension allows you to select colors more efficiently and with higher accuracy. (video: 2:07 min.)

Drafting & Other Improvements:

Custom work flows and intelligent drawing creation.

Use customization tools to create custom workflows for each project. Use smart tools to intelligently create drawings as needed. For example, the Bezier tool automatically creates a circular arc to facilitate drawing a circle, and the Line tool automatically creates a connected line if a point is chosen in the center of the line.

With intelligent drawing creation, you can quickly create diagrams and wireframes. (video: 5:22 min.)

Simplify your designs by adding style attributes to parts of your drawings.

Attach style attributes (such as size and color) to a drawing part, making changes to the style in one place and adding or modifying style in another place in the drawing. Use the Style Manager to set or edit style attributes and to combine attributes from other parts of your drawing.

You can add style attributes to components in a linked drawing by choosing the “Link Drawings Together” option in the Options dialog box.

Set style attributes to groups in a drawing, and apply style attributes to parts. (video: 3:24 min.)

Intelligent drawing creation: The lines used to create parts can be automatically modified by the intelligent creation technology of the new Bezier and Line tools.

Drawing Erase is a new command that erases a complete drawing. (video: 3:12 min.)

Edit | File | Save As for better editing options


System Requirements:

What’s new in this version:
– Added a new option to control the volume that is played in the notifications (thanks to goldfinger136 for pointing this out!)
– Fixed some minor UI issues
– Better graphics and interface
– Added a new option to change the number of seconds to show in the end timer
– Fixed an issue where the start time would display as 0 if you beat a game within 2 minutes of it ending
– Fixed an issue where the notification would show twice
– Added the ability to change the way notifications


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