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The PHP version of the supercedes the LDAP version of axLax. You can access the old database schema, which
supports LDAP for the current campus id’s, by changing your database connection by entering the old database
username / password at the login prompt.
The new database schema that supports multiple campuses allows each campus to be treated seperatly. The
result is faster loading of the data.
The PHP version was developed in Java. The JavaScript version of axLax allows users to be logged in from a
browser in a stand-alone (single-user) basis. In order to do that, you need to use a browser that supports
JavaScript (IE, FF, Opera). In the default setup, users are allowed to login from browsers.
The old axlax database has some limitations. After copying the old database data to the new database, the
change logs will not be transferred. If a user logs out, there is no way to log back in. In addition, there is no
“view logs” option for user profiles.
axLax is part of Eden Systems’ Webware Suite. Make sure you have the following:
■ Webware.
■ A database platform.
■ Web and application server.
■ Data Base creation and access interface.
■ Eden Systems’ utilities.
Backed by OMB – Organized Management Body
Immediate Sign Up:
As a first time user of AccessPoint, click here to register your information. This information will be used to
assign your home page profile.
axLax General Overview
The axlax site is organized into a main page for each campus. These pages allow you to view the contact
information for each team and coach. From there, you can view the schedule for each team. The schedule
allows you to view the drop down menus and text to each team’s relevant schedule.
The schedule has many features, including the ability to view or edit information. The schedule page also
includes an edit button which gives you the ability to edit the teams schedule.
The schedule also has the ability to view a team’s game history. The schedule page also includes a page
which gives you a summary of each team’s current season. The summary will include all the information
associated with the team and schedule.
The Schedule page also has the ability to view or edit individual game notes. Notes are used to

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axLax is developed by Cefodesa.
axLax is supported on:
* Microsoft Windows 2000
* Microsoft Windows XP
* Mac OS X 10.5
* Mac OS X 10.6
* Linux.
AxLax Contents:
The AxLax project is an ambitious project. We have a vision of a
variety of wizards to assist teams or players to:
■ Create a team or a player.
■ Update records in the database.
■ Read or write to SQL databases.
■ Write GUI based or HTML based applications.
We are developing these wizards, which we call AxWs.
Download AxLax:
If your looking for some testing AxLax is available in our
development release. Please email us if you have any issues.
We are always interested in user feedback.
AxLax user feedback:
Please report any issues or ideas to axLax@cefodesa.at
If you have any questions about AxLax, please contact us at
For Info:
For more information you can email us at
For Support:
All user issues and feature requests should be posted to our
users list.
For Issues:
You can report issues here:
For feature requests:
If you have any feature requests or would like to contact the
developers, you can email them at:

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AxLax Activator

axLax is a “multiple team and school management” web based software.
It is designed for teams that have multiple schools, multiple
teams, and sports.
axLax supports rules based scheduling of games and practices.
As well as notes or news concerning your team.
Players can also store personal data (personal journals) and be
able to communicate with other players via email and internet.
axLax is also useful for organizing your team holidays.
Download axLax’s browser app:

Information about axLax:


Contact us if you have any questions:
[email protected]

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What’s New In?

axLax is an Eclipse based open source framework for scheduling and managing your teams’ sports and academic activities.
Like your favorite team, it provides you an intuitive user interface which gives you full access to all the information for your teams. For instance, you can see all the practices, games and events for a given season.
axLax can display for each game, all its associated teams, coaches, game-related information and even the notes that were written by your students and coaches.
What is new in this release:
– added ability to edit notes for existing games
– added ability to import notes from previous seasons
– minor bugs fixed.Q:

Hibernate UserType check constraint in database

Hibernate 3 has the @Formula annotation for database constraints. Is there something similar for UserType constraints, such as ensuring that you do not put a node that is neither a leaf, nor of degree one or two? (Example code below)
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// code…

public class LeafNode {
// code

public class JoinNode extends Node {
LeafNode child1;
LeafNode child2;
// code…


You can try to use @Embedded, but @Formula is much more flexible. For example:
public class Node {
@Formula(“parent is not null”)
@ManyToOne(optional = false)
@JoinColumn(name = “parent”)
private Node parent;


public class OutgoingEdge {
@Column(name = “weight”)
@Formula(“node_weight / parent_weight”)
private double weight;


The formula will be checked at INSERT time only. Please note that you have to create a table for OutgoingEdge as well, and the foreign key in this table must be a subtype of the join column in Node.

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System Requirements:

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