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Dark Studio Little Lolitas


Dark Studio Little Lolitas

Also, to each your own. Not all parents care about Ballet, and not all dancers care about Ballet. So the reason we hold a dance studio such as this (which have all dance styles for every age and ability) is to provide parents with a safe and comfortable place to practice their childrens dance. It is also where parents can bring their kids for specialty classes when a choreographer or teacher isnt available, or where they can bring a child who is struggling with a movement because they arent comfortable with it, get a dancer to come in and give some help and advice with their development. I realize this has been a long response but I think if you want to help your child to love ballet, you have to be willing to have an open mind and consider yourself educated about the arts.

I have two boys and two girls, and whenever I walk past their dance studio I can’t help but stop and look because that is usually when they are rehearsing or doing some type of class. I think it is awesome when they show their friends the classes they take. I really hope it is possible to teach them the moves for the different forms of dance while still staying classy!

I have not read through the whole post. But, is there anyway you can post more details regarding the studio? We went through a similar situation. We still look forward to seeing you at the recital. Thanks again for sharing your experience.

Its a NO LONGER little girl look at her legs, showing off those cocktease skinny jeans and tight skinny top with little crop top. Is that a belly? Where do you get that amazing bag from? Did you have someone there to help you get in those jeans? OMG youll never get a boyfriend look at that body have you even been around boys? Youll never get a serious boyfriend if you dont go to college and get a business job!! OMG you might never be able to have children if your tight jeans get ripped because you have to take a lot of pain meds to keep your body from cracking and breaking!!! You are so disgusting!!

And your daughter should wear a tiny miniskirt to school everyday, like a mini by the time she is in the 6th grade, then she shouldnt be allowed to wear panties either, she shouldnt have to pay for them either. She shouldnt wear a bra either, when she is 12 she should be forced into a small bra and she shouldnt be allowed to wear sandals or flip flops at the beach. She shouldnt be allowed to wear a bikini at the beach. It should be illegal for a little girl to wear any panties as a beach attire. She shouldnt be allowed to wear anything less than a bikini
Im sure you can all agree that young girls should be allowed to show off their little bodies and should have the freedom to grow into adult bodies, no matter what we all think of them as adults, they are no longer little children. I also find it ironic that we live in a society where the over sexualization of children exists yet hardly any of us think of saying no to our own children.
I know exactly how you feel, I have a 2.5 year old daughter and I have been wanting to homeschool her because we both love dance and wouldn’t want her to be a slave to dance. I have been torn about what school to start her in because I want her to be exposed to different styles so that she knows that the dance world isn’t it’s only option. I was worried about how I would feel knowing that she’s only learning a competition style and worrying about the competition because she’s little and thinking she should be more concerned about that. Then I read your post and watched the video, and I know now that I made the right decision for her and that she can grow knowing that she doesn’t have to be a little bomb to dance. I still worry about her, and how she will get the right balance of dance time and be able to enjoy her childhood, but my husband and I both feel that it’s the right choice for her to go to a school where they focus on the art of dance and they promote that it’s a beautiful thing for girls. We’re glad she’s in the school right now so that it’s easier to adjust to life as a homeschooler!


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