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Download The Cure Greatest Hits Rar ((FREE)) 🆕

Download The Cure Greatest Hits Rar ((FREE)) 🆕

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Download The Cure Greatest Hits Rar

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mega 1fichier uptobox 1985 – the cure greatest hits (uk elektra records 069 714-2)
01 4:15 am
02 i want to love you
03 all i want
04 close to me
05 just like heaven
06 cotton case
07 never enough time
08 our days are numbered
09 lullaby
10 never let me down
11 cold war
12 hate to say goodbye

mega 1fichier uptobox 1984 – the dark side of the room – the singles (2003 issue ua moon records 829272-2)
01 in between days
02 close to me
03 the hanging garden
04 close to me (single version)
05 a forest
06 the walk
07 primary
08 the hanging garden (single version)

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the album holds up pretty well and if the mono version is available, it should be added to the ‘greatest hits’ collection. this is almost a perfect replica of what the band’s sound was like at this point in their career (maybe this was a made up or an alternate version of the band live album). the album was a perfect blend of r.smith’s hook-laden songs with the clean and atmospheric tracks, which made for a flawless album. it’s a shame the album wasn’t more well known, but it’s a great album and should be checked out.

a zip file that contains the rar of the folders above. the rar of this folder contains a folder that contains the 7 song compilation “the cures greatest hits’ as a.mp3 file, and a.pdf file with release info on the disc.
the second remedy for the the cure ltd. certificate of limited partnership adopted march 8, 1989 and signed by robert smith. the certificate is to file with the saskatchewan ministry of finance. attached is the copy of the the cure ltd. certificate of limited partnership.
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the cure msp schedule (music and sound program schedule) is the document which specifies the music licensed for use in the msp content and the proper copyright credits to be included. the msp schedule is attached to this document. applicants interested in submitting msp program content for licensing should download the msp schedule and submit with each msp program program submission.
“the cure has always been about creation and art,” says frontman robert smith, “and we have tried to be as open as we can, not afraid to experiment with and challenge ourselves artistically. there are so many great songs that we’ve tried at some point that didn’t make it, and i think they are great songs. i have been working on this album for many years. we had a catalogue of dozens of songs and it has got to the point where the songs just flow out of us, instead of us planning what we are going to play. so much of it is spontaneous, that is what i most enjoy: that feeling of being in the moment and just having that unbridled creativity and spontaneity.” smith and the band’s chief songwriter and lyricist, peter-sheridan bougie, pull together new songs at a pace that is sustainable over time, looking for inspiration, experimentation, and collaboration across a broad variety of influences and styles.


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