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Be it known to you that the game VoidGate is an MMORPG live action game. You’ll be dropped in a playfield of it’s own. The playfield is a magical world where you will be set in the role of a Dungeon Master of your own realm. You will recruit and customize your team of adventurers, and are tasked with leading them through the dungeon at your own pace. You will be living the fantasy of an age old classic by Dungeons and Dragons. In short, your home base is where you will start out in and you will progress in and out of the dungeon. This is a game not to be slept and set on repeat, but a game to be enjoyed once your go from the start to the end. Some More Explanation: What’s the difference in gameplay from other MMORPG games. Because it is on the Android platform it means that there is very little lag in play. While there is still some lag from device to device, the connection between you and your Dungeon Master is encrypted. So no other players will be able to see your moves unless you want them to. Now, is this game a competitive game? Not really. But you can have fun playing with friends and trying to get to the end first. It is free to play. No charge to play, no real purchase to make. You just start out in the labyrinth, and let the story unfold as it is meant to. __________________________________________ Alright, keep in mind, this is not a RPGMaker 13 sequel. It is a Live Action RPG! Download For: Android With It’s Own Playfield and Adventure: _____________________________________________ IMPORTANT INFO: ➟In case you couldn’t tell, I have to make a disclaimer for the content. Just like in real life, what you see is not real. There are no monster, no slashing, no killing. All that can be done is read the story and unlock the achievements. ➟This game is created by yours truly. I do not want to hear anyone play this for anything less than what it is: An adventure in the void. ➟There are achievements that can be earned at the end of the adventure. ➟If you are having trouble figuring anything out, I will respond to any comments on this video.


Features Key:

  • 2 Dungeon Sounds
  • Features:

    • RPG Maker VX Ace
    • RPG Maker VX Ace – Dungeon Music Pack
    • Game Key: CD-UKEY-60326


    This item include 20 days premium life, after the expiration time, you need to purchase again.


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