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Lionel Richie, Truly: The Love Songs Full Album Zip Hit

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Commodores was one of the biggest band in the world in the 80s, and theys only American act to sell over 20 million albums. This album has high time value, as the songs are timeless, but listen to them now, and youll hear their blend of Motowns mainstay, a slinky, kinetic energy and, at times, a Latin groove. The biggest hit from the Commodores was its only worldwide #1 single, Run To You, however, Sweet Love is a soulful, uplifting listen, and Do You Love Me was a Top 40 hit in the US.

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In 1981 Richie hit No.1 with Endless Love, a duet with Diana Ross , setting the stage for a phenomenally successful solo career. Richie was arguably the only superstar created by Motown in the 80s, but he was careful not to spoil his status by producing anything that was less than his best. Richies third solo set of songs, 1986s Dancing On The Ceiling, became his last for 10 years as he explored lifes other avenues until he could give his music full focus again. Since then, this unique singer has treated us to many more messages from his heart.

Richie spent much of the 1970s in Philadelphia, where he became not only a musical force to be reckoned with, but a ferocious political activist, too. In 1978, he helped to finance the start-up of the Philadelphia Inquirers all-black bureau. But by 1980, he spent less time on activism and more time raising his family. He married in 1980 and quit the secular music business in 1983. Despite several false starts, Richie has had a breakthrough at the age of 53, with his Truly, a lush and heartfelt album full of love songs.
Richies initial solo album, Truly, has been one of the best-selling albums in R&B history. It contains the singles The Big Beat, Hello, Lady, Dancing On The Ceiling, and also reaches back to his early days with Commodores hits like Just To Be Close To You and Easy. The album was at the top of the charts in the US for several months, with the album produced by James Anthony Carmichael featuring two African-American mainstays, Lionel Richie on vocals and Gregory Coleman on bass.
I would be remiss if I left all the Lionel Richie fans out of the Lionel Richie news. Lionel Richie fans are by far one of the biggest fan bases that i have. He dedicated albums to them and created some of the most beautiful songs that have ever been put out. I am lucky to have had the chance to meet him a few times.
Watch this video on YouTube https://youtu.be/o3XJpej5PtM Music video by Commodores performing Dancing on the Ceiling (3:31) Music video by Commodores performing Dancing on the Ceiling (3:31) Released on: 1979-07-15


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