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Mame32 Classic Arcade With Over 1400 Working Games RePack [WORK]

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Mame32 Classic Arcade With Over 1400 Working Games RePack

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support for more than a thousand working videogames! up to now, if you’ve had a game that you wanted to play on an emulator, but it didn’t work for you.. you’ve had to use a legacy version of the emulator. well, that will change now!

myself and some of my friends have been working on this on and off for a few years. it has taken a while, and it is nowhere near the ideal thing. however, after a lot of work in the past year, the core emulation code is finally now in a consistent and solid state!

this is a vast improvement, but still far from perfect, as far as i’m concerned.
it’s far from done, but i think we’re finally in a good place for this to be released to the community.

and with the mame v0.318 core, we can finally add support for all snes carts. yay!

tons of arcade games work, and we also have some snes titles, too.

this release should be out in about three days – wednesday the 14th of june.

oh, and i must apologize for the inconsistency of the branches/releases. there’s going to be version 0.337-1/0.323-1 if it’s released before then. two later versions will also exist.

unfortunately, i can’t seem to get that right at the moment 🙁 but i can make it better if you guys just give me suggestions, perhaps with better tagging than e.g.’refs-snapshots’

see you guys then!




Status: online ✅ (7 hs ago)

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