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Rufus 3.8.1580 Beta [full ((INSTALL))] 🟡

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Rufus 3.8.1580 Beta [Full]

rufus is a small utility that helps format and create bootable usb flash drives, such as usb keys/pendrives, memory sticks, etc. despite its small size, rufus provides everything you need! oh, and rufus is fast. for instance it’s about twice as fast as unetbootin, universal usb installer or windows 7 usb download tool, on the creation of a windows 7 usb installation drive from an iso (with honorable mention to wintobootic for managing to keep up). it is also marginally faster on the creation of linux bootable usbs from isos. a non-exhaustive list of rufus supported isos is available here.

it can be especially useful for cases where:
you need to create usb installation media from bootable isos (windows, linux, uefi, etc.) you need to work on a system that doesn’t have an os installed you need to flash a bios or other firmware from dos you want to run a low-level utility
download rufus 3.8.1580 portable 1.0 mb (open source)
link: rufus home page

your computers bios is not detected when the system is started. you cant even boot from a usb. this happens because the motherboard has too old bios, maybe even even a very old one. in this case you need to use an updated bios (if available) and boot your computer in bios mode. this is the recommended option to do so, but you might have to use “safe mode” or some other trick.

if you have problems with your usb installation stick, you can re-create it. if you have an 8 gb flash stick you only need 2 gb to create a bootable iso with rufus, so be sure to allocate some space before commiting your files to a usb.

rufus is available for download on the developer website. although its free, the program requires admin rights to run. with that said, if youre into troubleshooting your pc, this software will save you a lot of time and effort.
after the creation of rufus, you can boot from the usb drive by pressing f12. if youre not familiar with bios settings and want to change the default boot order, you can use the menu on the screen to choose the target system or to use the default boot order.
in uefi, the boot manager is a program that enables the computer to boot from multiple files at the same time. for example, if you choose windows 7, rufus can also choose linux mint as a backup. also, the bios must allow uefi boot. in many cases, the bios cannot support uefi boot, so users need to download a bios from the internet.
windows 7, 8, 10 and mac os x are the most common operating systems youll find on the internet. if you have a newer version of windows you can use windows 7 or 10 to make the rufus usb installer. windows 8 requires some slight changes to make it work. rufus can only create a usb installer if it is capable of booting from the usb. a capable system will allow you to do this. even if your operating system is capable of booting from a usb, if you have a system that was made for windows 8, youll need to perform a few steps to enable it.
you may get a message that says windows could not be installed on your pc. theres a solution for that and you can choose to skip the error. once you do that, rufus will not ask you to do anything. you can then restart the computer and boot from the usb flash drive.


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