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Ss Ufs Android Patch _VERIFIED_

Ss Ufs Android Patch _VERIFIED_

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Ss Ufs Android Patch

the pixel 6 pro has the latest android 11 update, but its still running android 10. theres no sign of a security patch update to 10, either, so youll have to stick with the older os for now. thankfully, as its running android 11, you can manually enable the doze feature, which resets the display to a lower brightness at night. it also improves performance. there was an issue in android 10 where it would leave apps running in the background unexpectedly, but that seems to be fixed in android 11.

in recent months, some people have been claiming that the dual-sim model of the galaxy note 9 has better battery life than the single-sim model, which is basically just a deactivated version of the second sim card slot. if youve been wanting to try out a dual-sim model, but youre not a huge fan of samsungs quirky interface design and tiny display, the galaxy note 9 is worth a look. its a little larger than the pixel 6 pro, but its also a fair bit thicker (and heavier), and has a similar-sized display. it has a faster processor and memory, a higher-resolution display, a better camera (though not as good as the pixels), and a much better stylus. it runs android 11, and theres more storage, more ram, and more ram. and it has a headphone jack. it also comes with android 12.

the pixel 6 pro got android 12 months early, and while it is in the same month as the new galaxy note 9, theres a reason for this: google deliberately made it impossible to install android 11 and android 12 on the same device. neither the pixel 6 pro nor the galaxy note 9 will accept any version of the android pie update after android 11, which means that youll need to choose one or the other. the advantage of sticking with the older phone and waiting for the second security patch to come out, when your device will be fully updated and running a more stable android, is that youll also get to enjoy the new pie features that werent available when you got the note 9.

which takes me back to the real issue with the pixel line, and that is the inability to update. we documented the saga that is samsungs android update problem back in 2017, and while the company has been making some strides, its still not great, especially as the tech companies are seeing the writing on the wall about the future of mobile, now going nearly exclusively on phones without removable batteries. my friends imigo writes about how the pixel 6 pro is the only phone he considers to be getting a full update, while the samsung galaxy s9 and s9+ arent getting them at all. this is not an isolated issue, multiple review units are reporting lack of firmware update files in the latest update, meaning theres no way to install it on these phones. and both sonys and lgs updates for the flagship models and mid-range devices have also been slow and badly broken on android 10, meaning many of us will be facing the same issue going forward.
the reason for the slow rollout is understandable, of course. if samsung and lg are going to do this, why not try to slow it down? it takes more time, and it causes more bugs, but by the time google and the oems fix those issues, those phones will already have been out for a while. the nexus 6p, however, was never going to get an update.
the pixel pro 6 also looks different, so much so that it appears to be a different phone, even though it has the same chipset. it has a bigger display and 5g chipset, and a generally nicer feel. the 6 pro also sticks with 16gb of storage, but adds a microsd slot for more capacity. like its smaller sibling, the 6 pro is still a good phone that just happened to get an expensive rebranding. but if youre looking for some extra, google has offered the option to pick up a screen protector for $5. this is an excellent option if you can get them to fit well, as theyre pretty good at strengthening the surface of phones they cover. for $5, theyre worth the small inconvenience of simply opening the phone and transferring them in to a new phone.


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