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4. open microsoft visual basic and click on open button to open the editor. write the following code:

 public class form1 'this is a class and not a form. it is needed only to use the videocapx in-place activation in windows xp.

5. save the code as videocapx.vb.

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i have not tried this, but if you google for it, you will find some info. there is also a sample in videocapx samples folder that can be used to make multi-party video-conference software. it is called multiparty.
b. also, if you want to pass audio stream from client to server, use videolan. if you want to send video stream from client to server, use videolan or just call displayremote with network address of the computer hosting the videocapx client.
is this new? i am not sure. i remember reading that long time ago, but not sure. afaik, videocapx does not include any video capture or decompression. does it? actually, videocapx can be used in.net as any other activex control. there are few videocapx vb.net samples in videocapx samples folder. to paint a graphics and put it on a video preview, use something like: bitmap b = new bitmap(640, 480); graphics g = graphics.fromimage(b); g.clear(system.drawing.color.white); g.drawrectangle(system.pens.red, mx, my, mw, mh); intptr bh = b.gethbitmap(); videocapx.setbitmapoverlay((int)bh,0,0,0xffffff,255); 0) deleteobject(oldbh); oldbh = bh;
the way videocapx transfers data is very unique. videocapx uses gsm encoding to transfer video. because of that, there is no need for all-purpose transfer format like realmedia, wav or jpeg. videocapx transfers video in the original size captured at server computer. it is not compressed at any stage, so, to control video size, use setvideoformat method at server side before clients are connected.
yes. you can use videosourceurl property to specify direct url to camera-generated jpg image. videocapx automatically refreshes the image up to capturerate times in a second.see ipcamera sample in videocapx samples folder. to specify username and password, use special syntax like:vcx.videosourceurl = example:vcx.videodeviceindex = -2vcx.videosourceurl = = falsevcx.connected = truevcx.preview = true videocapx supports mjpeg also.if your url contains mjpg string, videocapx will use mjpeg stream reader.


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