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Zero-G Deepest India DLP WAV KONTAKT ##BEST##

Zero-G Deepest India DLP WAV KONTAKT ##BEST##

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Zero-G Deepest India DLP WAV KONTAKT

andrzej pizlo, aka ‘fool,’ is polish hip hop and rap musician, best known for his collaborations and soundtracks with electronic music producer panjot al-qom. determined to bring hip hop to the mass polish and eastern european audience, he has recorded with various new york production veterans including dj and all-around hip hop enthusiast, illmind.

hip hop of soul is a well produced sample collection that should grow on just about any hip hop and soul fan. the unusual vocals sections with vocals by illmind and fool add an interesting element to the various samples from around the world. the samples are nicely remixed to suit the polish vibe of fool, making a very nice collection for any djs or producers wanting to add some polish hip hop to their toolbox.

dj or-mix’s polish remixes were created on his d&b label or-mix entertainment, based in poland. with his technical ability and knowledge of electro beats, many of his collaborations have featured electro samples and have made him a name in the polish electro/dubstep scene.

this special edition of the ‘vindaloops’ library has been created to reflect the varied aspects of indian culture. it showcases many of the sounds of both the carnatic (classical) style of classical music as well as the modern fusion of western instrumentation. the sounds are based around authentic indian instrumentation, and both the brass-band and chamber ensembles are played on tabla drums and eastern stringed instruments.

the ‘vindaloops’ library features more than 500 expertly created samples on all the popular indian as well as western style instruments. each sound is made using complex harmonisation techniques and processed to produce authentic vintage sound.

there’s an extensive arrangement section that also includes various creative chord progressions, as well as sounds on indian stringed and percussion instruments for large and small band applications. another special feature is the ‘suhaan’ section, containing complex but authentic harmonised indian vocals: a perfect complement to the orchestration samples.

a typical example of how the ‘vindaloops’ library can be used is in the inclusion of a full orchestral score for you to instantly learn and play the background to some of the more percussive parts. for example, in the punjabi folk song ‘baba nanak’, a full orchestral score has been included to help inspire the artist.

all the ‘vindaloops’ loops are suited to all styles of music, and are suitable for commercial use, they can also work perfectly with live instruments providing they are modified to suit.

some of the instruments used in this library were recorded specifically for zero-g. the kontakt instrument versions are programmed, mapped and mapped out in the kontakt sampler. there are four original instruments in the library: the first is the classic ‘sree guru ganapathy’ bell – a bell played in religious ceremonies. the second is ‘vishnu’ – a deep-tone string instrument played in temple ceremonies. the third is the sitar – a small sitar used in indian music, and the fourth is the flute – a 12-note flute similar to the irish whistle. the library is presented in ni’s kontakt format:this is not a rompler or plugin – with this version you will simply be downloading the morphology sample library in wav format which you can use with any music software – you don’t get the ni kompakt instrument interface – but everything has been set up in kontakt patches which you also get, so if you have ni kontakt (the full version of kontakt) then all the instruments are already programmed, mapped out and playable). we are proud to offer one of the most exquisite collections of samples ever created: ‘deepest india’ brings you original vocals, instruments and orchestras/ensembles recorded on location in india specially for zero-g during 1996-7. the library explores every area of human emotion from elation to despair – from hauntingly beautiful vocals, through joyous ensembles to authentic indian instrumental phrases. asl is based around a uniquely inspiring new sample library from ian boddy, one of europe’s leading synthesists, featuring 1,000 loops and over 1.5 gb of brand new material sourced entirely from analogue modular systems & vintage analogue synths and performed solely on hardware analogue sequencers. provided in wav, kontakt and rex multiformat, this superb loop library is designed to complement ian’s highly acclaimed ‘morphology’ sample library. a.s. 5ec8ef588b


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